“Washington’s book testifies to the author’s impressive knowledge of Africana lore and literature, especially their feminine and feminist aspects, and is destined, deservedly, to become an authority for students of the Africana universe."

                                                                                     ~Oyekan Owomoyela on

                                                                          Our Mothers, Our Powers, Our Texts

“Certainly readers will find new ideas here—surprising and illuminating readings that reveal the female protagonists' control of and by Àjẹ́. . . . Highly recommended.”

                                                                            ~ C. A. Bily, Adrian College, Choice,

                                                                                               on Our Mothers

“Not only a brilliant study, but also a model to be emulated.”

                                                                                       ~ Ousseynou B. Traore

                                                                                            on Our Mothers

“Patiently, Washington takes the reader through the complex cosmology and practices of Yoruba religion and philosophy. It is a much needed affirmation of feminine power and resource and is essential reading for anyone attempting a greater understanding of the work of contemporary Africana writers.”

                                                                                 - Janie Franz, Elevate Difference,

                                                                                                  on Our Mothers


Introducing author Àṣiri Odù! Get to know the author and the motivational forces behind the novel Ah Jubah!


The revised and expanded  edition of Teresa N. Washington's seminal study, Our Mothers, Our Powers, Our Texts: Manifestations of Àjẹ́ in Africana Literature!


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