Ọya’s Tornado is an academic press that specializes in scholarly studies and literary fiction that explore and illuminate the depth, diversity, and intricacies of the African world experience.

Ọya’s Tornado announced its entry into the publishing industry in 2014 with the forked lightning bolt of two publications by Dr. Teresa N. Washington:

*  The Architects of Existence: Àjẹ́ in Yoruba Cosmology, Ontology, and Orature

Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence: Divinity in Africana Life, Lyrics, and Literature

In 2015, Ọya’s Tornado released
Ah Jubah! A PleaPrayerPromiseby Àṣiri Odù. Ah Jubah! is a  a seminal revolutionary treatise. If you are wondering how to combat police brutality, how to dismantle the prison industrial complex, how to rid the world of racist usurpers, how to unite warring gangs, and/or how to reverse the courses of the most virulent diseases ravaging the world, read Ah Jubah! and take action!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the revised  and expanded edition of Teresa N. Washington’s seminal book
Our Mothers, Our Powers, Our Texts: Manifestations of Àjẹ́ in Africana Literature. This is such an important book. We are privileged to include it in our catalogue.

There is much more to come!

Thank you for your support, and feel free to reach out to us. We welcome your feedback, questions, and comments.

Ọyadare, Operations Manager

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The objective of Ọya’s Tornado is to publish books that blow minds and also awaken, illuminate, provoke, and inspire, just like an Ìijì Ọya, a Hurricane or Tornado of the God of Transformation.
We work with talented and provocative writers to publish books that boast eternal significance. We take our work very seriously because we are working for you!

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